Creating the 'Jolene' Limited Edition Lip Whip for Kari Gran


Excuse me for a moment while I gush about lipstick.

I'd say that lipstick, stain, tinted balm, or gloss—whatever version you reach for to liven up your lips—is hands down the most fun makeup essential you can buy. Pale as I am, I totally put lip color into the 'essential' category, to be applied even when I'm bringing my toddler to the park or running to the grocery store without a speck of other makeup on my face. Color on my lips instantly wakes up my look, making me look a little more polished and vibrant.

It's surprising that a subtle shift in the tone of a lipstick can create a dramatically different end result. Which, I believe, is why some of us have such a love/hate relationship with lip color. It's hard to find a perfect fit! When it's good, it's transformative, but when it's bad, it's hand-me-a-tissue-so-I can-wipe-off-this-traumatic-moment horrifying. I've been in both camps many times.

So what happens when one of the best natural beauty brands in the biz asks you to collaborate on a limited edition version of their most coveted product? (It goes without saying that you immediately jump at the chance!) You take on the challenge of building a color that flatters and livens up many complexions, and suits many occasions.

This happened to me, and I truly think that the end result— my 'Jolene' Lip Whip collaboration with Kari Gran— delivers!

Introducing the brand new Kari Gran Lip Whip Duo, 'Jolene' (deep fuchsia) + 'Shimmer' (nude peach with subtle flecks of shimmer)...

The limited edition duo goes on sale today, and will be available until 12/31/15, or until stock runs out! It's being sold at ($35) and ($40), among other stores. The 'Jolene' Lip Whip, which is sheer enough that you can apply it without looking, is also available for sale alone ($20). I think it delivers the perfect dose of color.

The best part about working with Kari, besides her talent for creating a genius lip product, is that she has super-high ingredient standards. You may have heard that you ingest pounds of your lip products over a lifetime, so it's essential that the ingredients you apply and reapply to your lips (which end up in your body) are as natural as possible and not contaminated with heavy metals.

Kari blends her creamy Lip Whips from a blend of beeswax and natural oils like camellia, olive and castor, as well as mineral pigments and a hint of peppermint oil.

A note about Kari Gran—I had the pleasure of being one of the first beauty writers to review her line back in 2012 (here's my original post), so it thrills me that our 3+ year friendship has resulted in such a beautiful collaboration! Her Lip Whips have become a staple in the natural beauty industry, and she's built a fabulous natural beauty empire. Thank you Kari!

If you'd like to meet me and Kari, and pick up a Lip Whip duo & a signed copy of Eat Pretty, join us in San Francisco on Dec. 3rd for a special event at Credo Beauty from 5-7pm!


Above, another shot of the duo and its gorgeous, giftable packaging, and a snap of my lips wearing 'Jolene!'

Wearing Kari Gran: 'The Little Black Dress of Eco-Skincare'

Lately I've spied a trend popping up in magazines and on blogs: making an effort to look 'expensive.' Expensive-looking hair, expensive-looking eye makeup, even expensive-looking skin. Sounds silly at first, but, really, don't we all want to look like we have a (very pricey) beauty and fashion team at our beck and call? Of course, especially when we don't actually have to pay for one!

Two hallmarks of expensive beauty: 1) quality and 2) understated elegance (Note: I didn't say sticker shock!). These happen to be the same two characteristics that stood out to me when I first tested a chic new natural skin care line: Kari Gran. This Seattle-based line is instantly memorable for its sleek packaging: weighty, deep violet glass that's both expensive-looking and practical, as it keeps the antioxidants in these natural formulas from deteriorating in the sunlight. And the kicker: it's a steal, especially when you consider the quality of the ingredients.

What's inside the bottles is equally as luxe as their outside look:

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