Wearing Kari Gran: 'The Little Black Dress of Eco-Skincare'

Lately I've spied a trend popping up in magazines and on blogs: making an effort to look 'expensive.' Expensive-looking hair, expensive-looking eye makeup, even expensive-looking skin. Sounds silly at first, but, really, don't we all want to look like we have a (very pricey) beauty and fashion team at our beck and call? Of course, especially when we don't actually have to pay for one!

Two hallmarks of expensive beauty: 1) quality and 2) understated elegance (Note: I didn't say sticker shock!). These happen to be the same two characteristics that stood out to me when I first tested a chic new natural skin care line: Kari Gran. This Seattle-based line is instantly memorable for its sleek packaging: weighty, deep violet glass that's both expensive-looking and practical, as it keeps the antioxidants in these natural formulas from deteriorating in the sunlight. And the kicker: it's a steal, especially when you consider the quality of the ingredients.

What's inside the bottles is equally as luxe as their outside look:

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