Wearing Kari Gran: 'The Little Black Dress of Eco-Skincare'

Lately I've spied a trend popping up in magazines and on blogs: making an effort to look 'expensive.' Expensive-looking hair, expensive-looking eye makeup, even expensive-looking skin. Sounds silly at first, but, really, don't we all want to look like we have a (very pricey) beauty and fashion team at our beck and call? Of course, especially when we don't actually have to pay for one!

Two hallmarks of expensive beauty: 1) quality and 2) understated elegance (Note: I didn't say sticker shock!). These happen to be the same two characteristics that stood out to me when I first tested a chic new natural skin care line: Kari Gran. This Seattle-based line is instantly memorable for its sleek packaging: weighty, deep violet glass that's both expensive-looking and practical, as it keeps the antioxidants in these natural formulas from deteriorating in the sunlight. And the kicker: it's a steal, especially when you consider the quality of the ingredients.

What's inside the bottles is equally as luxe as their outside look:

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Silktage: Styling Serum? Or Overnight Hair Treatment?

How did your hair fare this winter? After being whipped around into knots by freezing wind, caught in the zipper of my winter coat and dehydrated by dry indoor heat, mine's a little worse for wear. Which is why I'm so thrilled about the arrival of Silktage Rejuvenating Styling Serum.

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