A Thanksgiving Beauty Feast, with Sweet Potato Pecan Risotto

When you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, eating for beauty probably isn't the first thing on your mind. Securing yourself a second helping of stuffing is far more important. But if you approach your holiday meal with a little know-how about the fall foods that are best for your beauty and body, you'll come away with a satisfied belly AND a beauty nutrition boost. Why miss an opportunity to look and feel your best?

A holiday celebration can be a minefield of skin-sabotaging foods, but you'll probably also find plenty of beautifying seasonal foods to fill up on, like:

  • root vegetables (think beets, potatoes, carrots)
  • squashes and pumpkin
  • kale
  • onions and garlic
  • sweet potatoes
  • cranberries (but beware, the sauce can be a sugar bomb!)
  • nuts

This Thanksgiving, you might want to stack the deck in your skin's favor by throwing together this Sweet Potato Pecan Risotto (I promise, it's easy!), a powerhouse meal for youthful, clear skin. This risotto also makes a special vegetarian main dish (for those veggies who get tired of eating just the sides).

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Post Your Beauty Food Pics + Win a BIW Coaching Session



Post your beauty foods pictures on the Beauty Is Wellness Facebook page by 10/31/12. I'll pick ONE entrant to receive a personal beauty and health coaching session valued at $250. For everyone else, there's a major discount!

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On My Skin in August: Ilike Organic Skin Care

When I'm using heavy physical sunblocks I use a gentle enzyme exfoliant a few times a week (especially the day after I've applied a lot of sunblock) to keep skin smooth and clear. This month, I love these two rosehip masks from Ilike!

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Detox Your Diet

Spring is the perfect season to reset your body to a cleaner, lighter eating pattern, one that you can continue throughout the year. Find out how to start detoxing today, and enter to win a homeopathic detox remedy to support your spring cleanse!

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