Summer Product Obsessions 2019

Summer Beauty Product Favorites.JPG

To me, summer simplicity is using only these 4 staple natural products before I strap on my cross-body bag, put on my sunglasses, and leave the house feeling pulled-together and prepared. On easy days, I can get away with using these 4 products only— and so I had to share them with you here as my obsessions of summer 2019.

Schmidt’s Lily of the Valley Deodorant, Sensitive Skin Formula, $10.99


Sometimes I can’t resist beautiful things, and this Lily of the Valley deodorant from Schmidt’s had me from the moment I spotted it. The great thing about Schmidt’s deodorant formulas is that they are tried-and-true to work on me (everyone’s pH is a little different, so while I do recommend this one to all, definitely give it a test if you’re a Schmidt’s first-timer). The base of this deodorant (I wear the sensitive skin formula because the standard baking soda versions give me a skin rash, as is very common) is coconut oil, arrowroot, and shea butter, scented with essential oils. The light scent reminds me of a day at the beach; I think it shares fragrance notes with a natural sunscreen I used to wear as a teen. In any case, I am loving smelling it on hot summer days. One unique angle of this special edition deodorant is its partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute. 5% of the purchase price is donated to the Jane Goodall Institute for its conservation work (and lily of the valley is one of Dr. Goodall’s favorite flower aromas). So much beauty in this one, inside and out!

Ere Perez Beetroot Cheek & Lip Tint in Fun, $26

Back in my beauty editor days, Benefit’s Benetint Lip & Cheek Stain was a staple in my desk; I loved applying a few dots to lips and having its just-eaten-a-popsicle rose hue stay put for hours. When I cleaned out my beauty cabinet to switch to naturals, I had to toss it because of parabens, BHT, and synthetic fragrance (which I didnt want near my mouth— blah!). Years later, I’ve finally found a natural stain to replace my beloved Benetint, and it’s become a staple in my bag this summer! Meet Beetroot Lip & Cheek Stain from Ere Perez (the shade I have is Fun, an ultra-vivid pink that mellows out when applied). Apply 3 or 4 dots to clean lips, rub it in (I use my finger), and it stays put so well! I sometimes top with clear lip balm if my lips feel dry, but that seems to reduce its staying power a bit. A single dot also colors cheeks into a fresh flush. This formula is enriched with antioxidants from beets and carrots, plus rose extract and vitamin E. And if you haven’t checked out the entire Ere Perez line of natural cosmetics, it’s seriously a must see!

Bare Republic Mineral Sunscreen Spray SPF 30, $14.99


In my 10+ years working in natural beauty, I’ve tried and tested dozens of mineral sunscreens. And my husband has tested them right along with me— usually not thrilled with the extra rubbing time required, the thick textures, the whitish mineral layer left on his skin and stuck in his beard stubble…you get the picture. “It’s worth it!” I've assured him of the move to leave behind those easy-to-apply, invisible chemical sunscreen formulas (the same ones that use active ingredients like oxybenzone that pose risks of hormone disruption). But I’ve always felt a bit guilty every time he had to coat himself head-to-toe in white in order to sit oceanside. That is, until now. We’ve finally found common ground in this Bare Republic Spray sunscreen, which uses the safest mineral sunscreen ingredient, zinc oxide, and is free from synthetic fragrances, parabens, and the chemical sunscreen ingredients I seek to avoid. He loves it, uses it (that’s the key, right?), it applies via spray nozzle in seconds and leaves no thick white layer (my tip for spray formulas is to spray it into my palm and then rub it into your skin so you’re not ever breathing it in). I can buy it at Target— for $15 (or less when it’s on sale). And while it’s not quite as natural as my go-to 5-ingredient Badger formula, this one is accompanying us to the pool and beach all summer long, for the foreseeable future.

Ayuna Velo, $156

I received Ayuna’s new hybrid sun protection/moisturizer/light skin tint/anti-aging treatment Velo (billed as a ‘6-in-1 suprastratum protection’) in the May Beauty Heroes Discovery Box, and I liked it immediately. But as I started using it more frequently, I realized that I outright loved it. I’m obsessed. This formula is everything I want and need in one step, feels amazing, smells divine, and leaves my skin looking like I’m just naturally flawless, dewy and glowing. The irony here is of course that this is a high-end, ultra-sophisticated $156 formula that I love because it makes my everyday routine ultra-simple. It works for my speaking and coaching events as well as for the park and grocery store. It’s a lot to pay for that simplicity. But I had to include Velo here because it’s truly an incredible formula that I am delighted to use each day. (This formula carries an SPF 30 rating in Europe, but is not yet approved to claim that in the US). To note: I dont think this product would have quite the same complexion-evening effect on darker skin tones; it seems best for light to medium tones. And I do hope that the leaky packaging gets a revamp in the near future— this product is too precious for me to waste any (you can be certain I’ll use it til the very last drop).

NOTE: If you purchase a Beauty Heroes subscription, or a product from the Beauty Heroes store, I will receive a small commission on behalf of Beauty Heroes. My honest review and experience with Beauty Heroes and the above Ayuna and Ere Perez products was in no way influenced by my affiliate status.