Padma Lakshmi's Slimming Body Oil Recipe

I love discovering celebs' natural beauty secrets, and the one I've got today is a gem! Padma Lakshmi, the gorgeous host of Top Chef who is also a former model, recently shared her personal recipe for slimming body oil made with natural oils. She says, "If I knew I had a big event or shoot (especially lingerie) I would make an all-natural topical diuretic that works wonders. I’ve shared the recipe with girlfriends and they’ve literally lost ½ an inch overnight using it and I used it last month right before the Emmys."

She makes this beauty oil, a blend of jojoba oil and 6 essential oils, to reduce water retention and help her look extra-svelte on camera. The key ingredient here is juniper oil, which is known to be a diuretic and a cellulite-reducer. Geranium essential oil is excellent as an anti-aging weapon for mature skin.

"It's not a permanent solution," writes Padma, "but definitely a therapeutic and effective trick..."

Ready to make yours? Since essential oils can be a splurge, I'd recommend getting a few friends together to share the cost of the ingredients (which you can use again and again afterward, 'cause a little goes a long way!). This way, your cost per batch won't be that pricey.

Padma's Slimming Essential Oil Blend, via

•    3 oz. jojoba oil (I prefer Desert Sun which is available at Whole Foods) •    40 drops of juniper oil •    20 drops grapefruit oil •    10 drops geranium oil •    10 drops rosemary oil •    10 drops black pepper oil •    5 drops rose absolute

Vigorously shake the oils together and massage the concoction into your skin 24 hours prior to your event. Better yet have someone else massage the oil onto your body. The heating action of the massage works the blend deeper into your skin and relaxes you as seductive notes of black pepper and geranium hang in the air.

You can also pour ¼ cup into a hot bath to steam and soak in it for 30 minutes right before going to bed so that the oil really soaks in. To truly engage your senses, light candles around the room and turn on a beautiful classical pianist such as Chopin and let the music carry you away.