Glow, on the Go

We've all had mornings when there's just no time to fire up the blender, days when getting to the market for fresh greens is an impossibility, and road trips when there seems to be nothing healthy to eat for miles. It's not fair that your skin and your energy should suffer when you're busiest! That's why it's great to keep a backup plan. For those moments (and to kick up your regular smoothies and shakes any other day you need it), the newly expanded Be Well line by Dr. Frank Lipman is packed with nutrition-dense, low-commitment, easy to carry supplements. Lipman, an expert in internal medicine, is one of my favorite experts on the functional power of food. His new supplement powders meet a high standard of quality and potency. Lipman has worked with dozens of celebs (Gwyneth, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Kyra Sedgwick) and high-profile clients (including other doctors and dermatologists) who rave about his ability to transform their health.

For those of you who can't visit him in NYC, here's a little piece of his nutritional plan:

Lipman's new Be Well Greens powders (28 packets for $59) contain veggies, grasses, algae, digestive enzymes and plenty of essential antioxidants, and count as one serving of vegetables each, for only 27 calories. It's a sweet-tasting greens mix, thanks to the added stevia, and it's very refreshing when mixed with only cool water. If you have access to almond milk or the like, you can mix it up with that as well. You could sip several of these packets in a day if you didn't have access to other fresh veggies.

The Be Well Sustain dairy-free protein packets (28 packets for $99) add a powerful protein and mineral boost to smoothies, and function as a meal replacement if need be (110 calories). Made with pea protein, these sweet, vanilla-flavored powder packets are an environmentally friendly and vegetarian source of protein. Pea protein is relatively new, and it's gaining popularity because it also contains fiber, and is inexpensive and nutritious. Lipman's Sustain powder packets also contain stevia and digestive enzymes, and plenty of B vitamins. Add a packet to your morning smoothie, or mix with your favorite non-dairy milk for a creamy, nutrition-packed shake.

What are your tricks for staying healthy and beautiful when you're rushed? Do you make your beauty smoothies in the morning- or prep them the night before so you can grab and go?