Elle Macpherson Spills Her Healthy Beauty Secrets

Elle Macpherson has been known in the modeling industry as 'The Body,' for years now. And looking at her skin- at 48 years old- you may as well call her 'The Face' too.

Turns out that Elle focuses on a healthy lifestyle packed with fitness, relaxation, nutrition from whole foods and even a few alternative therapies like acupuncture to stay gorgeous. And then there's water, her absolute beauty essential.

“I’m more inspired by wellness than beauty; I do Pilates, and when abroad I surf and paddle-board. Water is my biggest beauty tip: I drink three litres a day. And a pair of large, dark sunglasses," she has said.

While Elle doesn't seem to use a lot of natural beauty products, she does mention using Dr. Hauschka.

She told ElleUK magazine, "If you don’t drink lots of water there’s no point. I challenge any woman to drink 3 litres water everyday for a month and sleep for seven hours a night, that she won’t lose weight, look better and feel better...I eat organic, locally sourced food wherever possible. I don’t like to have chemicals in my body at all, so I don’t drink, smoke or take drugs, not even Aspirin."

Here are a few more great natural beauty tips from Elle, as told to the DailyMail:

Body beauty secret? I’d rather drink three litres of water than sit in a spa and be pampered: it has the same effect.

What beauty secret have you inherited from your mother? Wash your hair in beer to make it shiny; use an egg-white mask to tighten your pores. It wasn’t a girlie upbringing – it was about home remedies.

What kind of diet suits you? I’m blood type A, so I run well on rice and veggies. I was a vegan for a long time but now eat animal protein occasionally. Food is important to me – quality, not quantity.

Tea or coffee? Fennel tea with manuka honey.

Do you take vitamins? I go through phases – most of my wellbeing is Eastern-influenced so I see an acupuncturist regularly and I take Chinese herbs.

How do you relax? Yoga, meditation, reading and music, from morning to the time I go to bed.

Thumbnail photo: Jeff Vespa/Getty Images