Be a Green Smoothie Pro (and Get Great Skin) with Green for Life


In my coaching practice, one of my favorite ways to get my clients feeling and looking their best is to incorporate more alkaline foods into their diet. Most Americans rely on a diet that's heavy in  processed foods, meat, sugar and alcohol– all foods that increase levels of acid in the body.  Start fitting in more alkaline foods (greens, lemon juice, figs, lentils are a few) and you will see the visible effects in your skin and feel the balance in your body!

While there are many, many alkaline foods (check out a chart here), greens seem to be the ones with the most profound healing powers. And the best book I've seen on the healing powers of greens is Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko. Boutenko's amazing and inspiring book has just been released in its second, updated edition and it's better than ever!

What's so special about greens? We know that they provide essential vitamins and trace minerals and are alkalizing to the body. They're also an important source of chlorophyll, a substance with amazing healing potential. Chlorophyll has been shown to: help purify the liver, improve vision, improve varicose veins, regulate menstruation, improve anemic conditions, eliminate body odors and help prevent cancer, among other things.

Green for Life is impossible to read without craving a fresh, green smoothie. Why? The information and stories in the book (including dozens of first person experiences from those who changed their diets after reading the first edition of Green for Life) are compelling, even shocking, and offer the promise of healing for any of us with health and skin issues.

How can you get started? Boutenko encourages consumption of a quart of green smoothie each day and provides an ample list of recipes for sweet and savory smoothies and green smoothie puddings in her book. If you've been struggling with a chronic health or skin problem–or you just want to feel your best– I encourage you to pick up this influential book and start getting greens into your daily routine!